¡Bienvenido! Somos Brigada-X, clan fundado en 2006. Si deseas unirte a Brigada-X léete antes la Normativa e Información, donde podrás solucionar todas tus dudas. Si estas conforme en todo Registrate y aplica en el apartado Reclutamiento. ¡Te esperamos! Semper Fidelis.

Clan Multijuegos Español fundado en 2006. Semper Fidelis.
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 [!] Brigada-X's FAQs.

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Brigada-X's Frequently Asked Questions

What's this sub-forum?

We made this sub-forum specifically for english speaking guests that visit us without proper understanding of our language and want to make specific topics or relations such as alliances or even trade pacts. You will receive enough knowledge to know what we are and how to propose things to us.

What's Brigada-X?

Brigada-X is a long-standing multigaming community founded in 2006. We've been through a lot of changes through the years. We are a small group of players very close between us that believe in quality over quantity. In fact, that's what we are. A quality group of players that don't know the meaning of fear and we laugh at the word achievement. Every thing doable for a guild, is achievable for us. We can even compete against big clans like how happened in Metin2 or Aion. We do not know fear. We do not know to give up.

Can I become part of the clan if I'm an english speaking player?

The answer to this question is neither a yes or no. It depends. Actually only InstantKill in our clan understands and speaks English fluently. In other words, there's actually only one member that can maintain a decent English conversation within our guild. So be aware that if you wanna join us, you will be very limited to only chat in-game due to the fact that our guild is mainly formed by spaniards and it could be a little harsh for both sides on RaidCall.

How can I propose an alliance to Brigada-X?
You need to read this. It's explained there properly.

Which are the Brigada-X social networks?

Rockstar Social Club:

Please be advised that the content on these pages are totally in Spanish language.


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[!] Brigada-X's FAQs.
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